Joseph Federico – NJMET

Welcome to NJMET

On behalf of our Management, Engineering and Quality Control staff, it is my sincere pleasure to welcome you.

For 35 years, NJMET, Inc. has been a pioneer in the Commercial, Military, Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive and Space fields providing worldwide quality electronic component/product testing.

Our trained engineers use a unique and innovative multi-step inspection detection process to identify counterfeit and cloned products.

Integrated Circuits being tested at NJMET, Inc., Clifton, New Jersey

ICs being tested at NJMET, Clifton, New Jersey

Our leading-edge electronic testing capabilities have accommodated the prime contractors of the United States Department of Defense, NASA, the FAA, the FCC, the European Community Council and the Israeli Aerospace and Defense Industries.

Our component testing capabilities also address the current demands of the cellular and medical instrumentation industries.

Joseph G. Federico
Vice President
Director of Operations

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